We always offer your favorite, ready-made meals and soups.

The menu includes soups, ready-meals, dishes made to order and side dishes.


All soups are sold for the same price

0,4l Big size soup bowl 76,- Kč
0,25l Small size soup bowl 59,- Kč

I. Tripe soup
II. Beef broth with liver rice
III. Soup of the day


150gSirloin in cream sauce157,- Kč
Fresh vegetables, cream, beef back

150gSpanish bird157,- Kč
Beef roast, bacon, znojmo cucumber, eggs

150gMoravian sparrow123,- Kč
Roasted juicy pork shoulder

150gVillage beef goulash147,- Kč
Beef front, Hungarian pepper, bacon

1ksSausage54,- Kč

150gWienerwurst63,- Kč


120gFried cheese106,- Kč

100gFried Camembert106,- Kč

150gFried chips106,- Kč

150gFried mushrooms97,- Kč

200gFried cauliflower97,- Kč

150gFried Chicken breast151,- Kč

150gFried Pork schnitzel151,- Kč

200gPork steak fried XL178,- Kč

250gPork schnitzel fried XXL199,- Kč

200gPork roast beef185,- Kč

150gChicken steak151,- Kč

150gPork steak151,- Kč

150gTurkey medallions spicy185,- Kč

200gPork loin medallions185,- Kč

200gRabbit medallions199,- Kč


150gCrips43,- Kč

150gPotato croquettes43,- Kč

150gPotato slices43,- Kč

150gAmerican potatoes43,- Kč

30gFine ketchup22,- Kč

49gTartar sauce25,- Kč

160gBread dumplings32,- Kč

250gCarlsbad dumplings37,- Kč

100gJasmine rice32,- Kč

200gPotatoes cooked32,- Kč

150gCabbage stewed28,- Kč


A list of allergens can be found in the restaurant.