Starting from 4:00 am, our bakers and confectioners make it fresh for you.

1ksPudding pocket46,- KčPudding, apricot, leaf dough 1ksWalnut rods46,- Kč Hazelnut filling, leaf dough 1ksPlum pie49,- Kč Plums, dough dough 1ksHumpolecký cake36,- Kč Cheesecake, dough dough 1ksPie38,- Kč Roasted dough, poppy seed: cottage cheese, cheese 1ksCheesecake39,- Kč Cheese, raisins 1ksCheese tart Jirinka82- Kč Cheese, pudding, eggs 1ksStrudel48,- Kč Filling: poppy, curd and apples 1ksApples cuttings with nuts48,- Kč Apples, nuts, leaf dough 1ksGingerbread with lemon frosting52,- Kč Fruit, nuts, apples 1ksStrawberry cake with pudding48,- Kč Strawberries, pudding 1ksYogurt pudding45,- Kč Yogurt, chocolate 1ksCocoa cuttings48,- Kč Cheese, chocolate dark and light 1ksApple cuttings42,- Kč Apples, pudding 1ksApricot cake48,- Kč Apricots, crumb 1ksCheese tunnel with nuts45,- Kč Dark dough, light quark dough, nuts 1ksPoppy cake48,- Kč Poppy, curd 1ksCheese cuttings46,- Kč Curd, light and dark dough 1ksAdriatic cuttings78,- Kč Nuts, whipped cream, jam 1ksMisa cuttings72,- Kč Cheese, chocolate 1ksPeach cuttings68,- Kč Leaf dough, whipped cream, cottage cheese 1ksBlueberry cake48,- Kč Blueberries, crumb 1ksCottage temptation78,- Kč Butter, cottage cheese, apricot 1ksApple cake39,- Kč Apples, nuts, chocolate 1ksPresidential Cake39,- Kč Chocolate, nuts 1ksMelikana dessert with jelly78,- Kč Biscuits, fruit mix, jelly 1ksDevil Cake87,- Kč Biscuits, cocoa, sour cream 1ksChocolate pie68,- Kč Whipped cream, cocoa, chocolate 1ksBanana in chocolate48,- Kč Banana, chocolate, whipped cream 1ksSummer Coconut Temptation87.- Kč Leaf dough, whipped cream, coconut 1ksPeach cake87,- Kč Whipped cream, curd, peaches 1ksBlackberry cake87,- Kč Whipped cream, curd, blackberries

A list of allergens can be found in the restaurant.