Starting from 4:00 am, our bakers and confectioners make it fresh for you.

1ksPudding pocketPudding, apricot, leaf dough 1ksWalnut rods Hazelnut filling, leaf dough 1ksPlum pie Plums, dough dough 1ksHumpolecký cake Cheesecake, dough dough 1ksPie Roasted dough, poppy seed: cottage cheese, cheese 1ksCheesecake Cheese, raisins 1ksCheese tart Jirinka Cheese, pudding, eggs 1ksStrudel Filling: poppy, curd and apples 1ksApples cuttings with nuts Apples, nuts, leaf dough 1ksGingerbread with lemon frosting Fruit, nuts, apples 1ksStrawberry cake with pudding Strawberries, pudding 1ksYogurt pudding Yogurt, chocolate 1ksCocoa cuttings Cheese, chocolate dark and light 1ksApple cuttings Apples, pudding 1ksApricot cake Apricots, crumb 1ksCheese tunnel with nuts Dark dough, light quark dough, nuts 1ksPoppy cake Poppy, curd 1ksCheese cuttings Curd, light and dark dough 1ksAdriatic cuttings Nuts, whipped cream, jam 1ksMisa cuttings Cheese, chocolate 1ksPeach cuttings Leaf dough, whipped cream, cottage cheese 1ksBlueberry cake Blueberries, crumb 1ksCottage temptation Butter, cottage cheese, apricot 1ksApple cake Apples, nuts, chocolate 1ksPresidential Cake Chocolate, nuts 1ksMelikana dessert with jelly Biscuits, fruit mix, jelly 1ksDevil Cake Biscuits, cocoa, sour cream 1ksChocolate pie
Whipped cream, cocoa, chocolate 1ksBanana in chocolate
Banana, chocolate, whipped cream 1ksSummer Coconut Temptation
Leaf dough, whipped cream, coconut 1ksPeach cake Whipped cream, curd, peaches 1ksBlackberry cake

                  Whipped cream, curd, blackberries

A list of allergens can be found in the restaurant.